Editors' Service:
Helping Journalists For Fifty Years

Editors Service is a small independent news syndicate that has been helping journalists produce quality news products for 50 years.

It produces a variety of publications that are used by nearly 1,000 newspapers and radio-television news departments. Editors Service is a company operated by the working press for the working press.

Editors' Service began in 1945 with a local story idea service called "Hints for the City Desk," which is still a mainstay of the company with nearly 500 newspaper subscribers. Later a version of the local story idea service was begun for television news departments.

Principals of Editors' Service include Richard Maloy, a journalist who has 40 years experience as a senior news executive with major metropolitan dailies and a large newspaper group. When he took over Editors Service he greatly expanded the company.

Timothy K. Maloy, another official of the company, has a decade of experience as a reporter and Washington correspondent. He teaches New Media courses at American University in Washington, D.C., lectures abroad on the Internet for the USIA, and has authored three books on the subject of the Internet.

For a free sample issue of any of our products--Hints for the City Desk or News and Program Hints--simply email us with your request.

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